Josh Elkin's Sugar Showdown Workout

You need a solid way to get your body in shape before spending your days surrounded by the world's most-decadent desserts.

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Step 1: Get Pumped

Prepping to take on clusters of pies, cakes, doughnuts and cupcakes requires serious mind-body coordination.

Step 2: The Noms-Must-Stay

Sometimes known as The Tree, this pose gets you ready to branch out your taste for interesting mystery ingredients in baked goods.

Step 3: The Little Jack Horner

Inspired by the world's first pie judge, Josh gives his thumbs a good stretch so he can thumbs-up or thumbs-down the competitors' treats.

Step 4: The Sugarate Kid

This move is also good for the Sugar Showdown competitors, since it's almost guaranteed to get you the championship (if you also make better desserts than the others).

Step 5: The Cooldown

You had a good workout. Now cool off and get back on camera. It's time for the next round.

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