Step Into Baron Ambrosia’s World

Meet Baron Ambrosia, whose discerning palate and passion for flavor lead him on a heroic cross country adventure full of mystery, comedy and culinary excellence.

Meet The Baron

His name is Baron Ambrosia. Culinary ambassador to the world, he ventures forth, celebrating diverse and authentic cuisine, all in the pursuit of flavor, and passion.

Cruise Control

Part '70's style icon, part man of mystery, part gourmand, Baron Ambrosia cruises around in a purple Plymouth Prowler, dispensing wisdom, humor and culinary intrigue.

One of a Kind

He's a dashing explorer operating under a strict code of chivalry and honor, but also a mischievous trickster out to satiate his basest culinary and physical desires.

Runaway Pride

Baron Ambrosia's knowledge of immigrant eateries is matched only by his flair for perilous heroics.

Sir Camel-not

The Baron's preferred mode of transportation isn't always the fastest.

Hocus Pocus

Burdened with a neverending hunger for exotic foods, the Baron isn't one to turn down a spooky supper.


The Baron finds authentic Korean cuisine hiding out in Baltimore, MD. Bibimbab is traditional Korean crockpot dish made from a medley of veggies and proteins.

With Arms Wide Open

Authentic cuisine may be the Baron's number one mission, but that doesn't mean he doesn't welcome the occasional distraction (or two).

Jostling with John Waters

A deadly battle and feud over the Baron's lady, pits the Sir Ambrosia against cult filmmaker, John Waters.

Ceviche Mixto

Baron Ambrosia happens upon a Peruvian seafood restaurant in Bridgeport, which just so happens so serve a plateful of some of the best seafood ceviche on the east coast.

Hide and Seek

Trap doors and cavernous kitchens abound, it's never clear where the Baron will crawl out of next.

Breaking it Down

Dancing shoes: Baron Ambrosia always has them on, especially when he teams up with the Purple Ladies.

Oxtail Soup for the Soul

Oxtail soup is a Haitian delicacy, and the Baron gets a one-on-one cooking lesson from the head chef at one of Bridgeport's best Haitian restaurants, Tatane.

Two of a Kind

When in need of deception, Baron isn't shy about calling on his stunt double.

Leftovers That Linger

"Why ask for a doggy bag, when you can walk out with pot pie perfume?"
-Baron Ambrosia

Ate is Enough

After eight plates of food, the Baron finally admits defeat to the worthy opponent Pequeña Giganta.

A Site to Behold

Baron Ambrosia's wild and unusual adventures and culinary escapades have to be seen to be believed.

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