Season 2, Episode 7


The final two teams arrive in Miami to a breathtaking view of this iconic city and receive their final challenge - each team must make $15,000 dollars and then race to the finish line in South Beach, and the winner gets the $100,000 grand prize. Of course, the finale is filled with twists and turns that no team can anticipate and the first Speed Bump creates chaos as Tyler has both trucks towed away in the middle of the night. Then, the teams are rocked with a second Speed Bump -- their current locations are shut down and they must head to the Cuban enclave of Little Havana. On day three, the finalists meet Tyler at the Miami River for the long awaited Truck Stop challenge: the teams will create a delicious seafood dish for local chef Michael Schwartz, but they must head out on fishing boats in the Atlantic Ocean to catch the fish on their own. As the trucks close in on the grand prize, it's time for the final Speed Bump -- the teams must shut down and become a dessert truck for two hours on the final day.
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