Season 1, Episode 8


Emeril Lagasse uncovers the classic culinary charms of the Windy City. On his first stop in Chicago, he tastes real German food at Chi-town's oldest restaurant, The Berghoff. He assists in the creation of their popular Reuben sandwich which is made from scratch with freshly baked bread and specially prepared sauerkraut. Then he samples a Deutschland delicacy, apple strudel, and tops it off with some family-brewed Berghoff beer. It's, in a word, wunderbar. Twin Anchors is Emeril's next destination. He helps in the kitchen with their Chicago-style ribs and most popular side dish, creamed spinach, cooked in a style Emeril has never seen before! Touring the restaurant, he sits in the booth Sinatra squeezed into with his Rat Pack cronies and learns why the bar has a sign that reads, "Positively no dancing!" His final leg takes him to the legendary Gene and Georgetti's. A restaurant that showcases its history in a painted mural on the walls, Gene and Georgettis is Chicago's longest running steakhouse. Emeril munches on their humorously named "garbage salad" and samples a dish called "Chicken Ala Joe," named after a waiter. It's a mouthwatering look at the restaurants that define the Chicago Way.
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