Season 4, Episode 2

Ice Pops

Sisters Norma and Irma Paz never thought watching the Nashville marathon would inspire them to go into business together making gourmet ice pops -- a refreshing, healthy and flavor-packed treat that's sure to cool down anybody! Ice Pops, or Paletas, weren't a novelty to the Paz sisters who grew up eating them every day in their hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico, but they saw the opportunity to introduce this cooling, gourmet delight to Nashville by opening their own store, Las Paletas. Now six years later their Paletas are the coolest treats in town and the inspiration for what they think is a new Food Network special called "Pop-Culture." What they don't know is that Nashville is about to heat up with a visit from Chef Bobby Flay! Will the Iron Chef keep his cool or suffer the ultimate brain freeze for this Ice Pop Throwdown?
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Recipes From This Episode

Sangria Ice Pops

Tangerine-Serrano Frozen Treats

Biscuits and Jam
Chocolate Chip Cookies


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