Unique Sweets is an insider's peek into innovative eateries across America that are creating the most unique and exciting desserts today. These sweet spots cover the gamut: restaurants with revolutionary pastry chefs; candy shops inventing eye-popping confections; chocolate boutiques with wild artisanal flavors and bakeries producing one-of-a-kind pastries, cakes and cookies in the middle of the night. Wherever there are gooey, crunchy, sticky and sweet treats that you won't find anywhere else, Unique Sweets will take you there.

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Season 7, Episode 12

Sweet Spins in Austin

In Austin, we find a unique spin on sweet treats at every turn. Sugar Mama's Bakeshop serves up sweet surprises like old-fashioned chocolate malted milkshake cupcakes and shortbread unicorns with edible glitter. Churro Co. is turning churros, the beloved Mexican street treat, into delightful and decadent desserts with toppings like buttery popcorn sugar and vanilla ice cream. And at Gelateria Gemelli, they're using savory flavors like olive oil and herbaceous liqueurs to create gelatos that would delight even the most traditional Italian nonna.

Jan 6
10am | 9c
Season 7, Episode 13

Sweet Treats in NYC

We're on the hunt for the best sweet treats New York City has to offer. Sweets by Chloe is a cute vegan bakeshop that's creating giant cookies and fudge cakes that are rich and moist, creamy and chocolatey. Daly Pie in Brooklyn Heights has a mouthwatering lineup, but one pie loaded with peanut butter, chocolate hazelnut and potato chips that has everyone talking. And Brigadeiro Bakery brings international flair to Soho with their chocolate truffle-like confections.

Jan 6
10:30am | 9:30c
Season 7, Episode 10

Sweet Imagination

Life's too short for boring desserts, so we're sinking our teeth into some of the country's most imaginative sweets. Moojo is helping keep Austin weird and oh so delicious with customized ice cream sandwiches made with warm cookies. Hail Mary in Brooklyn is the answer to your sweet tooth's prayers thanks to American classics with colorful, modern makeovers. At Super Chunk Sweets and Treats in Scottsdale, Arizona, mouthwatering desserts are brilliantly packaged in small bites that are big on flavor.

Jan 13
10am | 9c
Season 7, Episode 11

Desert Desserts

We're heading to the Arizona desert to find some of the coolest desserts. At Fluff It Marshmallows in Gilbert, they're all about - you guessed it - the magnificent marshmallow and all its cloud-like flavor possibilities. Sweet Republic Artisan Ice Cream in Phoenix sells sundaes that will simply shock you, so loosen your belt for handcrafted ice creams, homemade toppings and a huge cookie at the bottom! Finally, Paletas Betty in Chandler offers dozens of Mexican ice pops to choose from every day, including a mix of sweet and spice and everything ice.

Jan 13
10:30am | 9:30c

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