Dan Pashman and his band of research assistants discover new and inventive ways to eat pizza, wings, falafel and more, making snacking a cleaner, more efficient or more enjoyable experience.
You're Eating at Buffets Wrong
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Coffee in Portlandia

You're Drinking Coffee Wrong (with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein) 23 Videos

Portlandia's Fred and Carrie tell Dan the right way to drink coffee.
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Start Eating Better

Meet the Lab Assistants

What qualifies these eating experts besides decades of focused trial and error?

Putting the E-A-T in Master

More Food Hacks From Dan

Good to Know

Learn how to turn leftover Chinese into Italian, save ruined recipes and much more.
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The Sporkful

Dan's podcast is not for foodies; it's for eaters. Each week Dan and his guests cover fun topics in eating.
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Calling All Eaters

Dan's Guide to Eating

Read this book and every bite you take will be better.

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Fare Repair

Get the recipes featured on You're Eating It Wrong.

Double Decker Broccoli Tacos with Feta, Peanuts and Black Bean Hummus

Chili Cilantro Corn off the Cob with Cotija Cheese

About the Host

Laurie March and Dan Pashman

Get to know the hosts of Cooking Channel's new Web-original series Good to Know, Laurie March and Dan Pashman.