11 Fall Beers to Buy (or Avoid) for Thanksgiving

By: Cooking Channel Staff

In our humble opinion, Thanksgiving is superior to any other day of the year. In an effort to make this year's feast the best of all time (sorry, Pilgrims and Wampanoag tribe), we're bringing you the recipes, how-tos and decorating ideas to help you become a Turkey Day pro.

There are a few reasons to stock up on beer for Thanksgiving. Foremostly, alcohol can numb the effect of your Aunt Fran or Nephew John trying to engage you in debate about Obamacare. Secondly, in the fall, American craft brewers start bottling crisp, soul-warming suds packed with the flavors of pumpkin or cinnamon or, in odder cases, tropical fruit (looking at you, Sierra Nevada) that (hopefully) compliment all those sweet potatoes and cranberry sauces.

Thirdly, Cooking Channel's staff spent an afternoon guzzling researching some of this year's most interesting brews so you can know what's worth pouring (slowly, with the glass at an angle) on November 28th.

Check out the results of our fall beer taste test.

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