This Restaurant Will Charge You Over $100 to Eat Dirt

A French restaurant in Japan cooks and serves dirt.
By: Lawrence Bonk

When you tell someone to eat dirt, it is usually meant as an insult. A French restaurant in Japan, however, will take that insult and spin it into culinary delight. That’s right. This restaurant cooks and serves dirt.

Ne Quittez Pas in Tokyo’s Gotanda district has recently unveiled an entire menu in which dirt is the star. Don’t worry. It’s not any old dirt. They use only the finest black soil money can buy. Speaking of money, a compost-ridden tasting menu will set you back $110.

Courses include a potato starch and dirt soup, a salad with dirt dressing and a dirt risotto with sea bass. For dessert they serve, of course, dirt ice cream (pictured above). In case you were wondering, they also have dirt tea on the menu if you get thirsty. Their head chef is either completely crazy or, well, nine years old.

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