Episode: CCGVN-103H

With a saying like "Keep Austin Weird," G dives head first into the young and hip local food scene to see what makes it special and you can't visit Austin without going to a food truck. Not only does G visit one, but he gets put to work! Iowa natives Jeremy and Angela have brought over a middle-American treasure, the fried pork tenderloin sandwich to Austin at their truck named Tenderland. G learns how to fry up the big-as-your-face pork and serves it with pickles and a bun to hungry customers. They may keep it simple, but he will find it's tough work! G makes a pit stop at Hoover's Soular Food Trailer. Hoover Alexander was born and raised in Austin and received great review after opening his soul food restaurant. Today he devotes his time and attention to a new take on his beloved roots by dishing up raw and healthy versions of southern favorites. His collard green wrap is a great example- filled with a fresh black eyed pea salad and raw peppers, G is both surprised and impressed with this fresh take on comfort food. Daniel Northcutt of Frank opens his doors to G and they start out the day with a fresh morning cocktail. Tara the bartender shares with G "The Red-Headed Stranger," the restaurant's take on a bloody Mary. Bacon and peppers give this drink its kick. Next G works with the head chef Jody Chancey on a seasonal creation, the jackalope. This particular sausage is a mix of jack rabbit and antelope- Frank tries to always have a quirky option. G learns the process of preparing and casing it. Later that night Frank comes alive with a rock show.

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