Blip, Hadouken, Scarf - Cool Video Game Food

The world of gaming is a juggernaut of pop culture, putting its stamp on movies, books and, yes, even food. Here are some of the world’s coolest video game-inspired bites.

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Angry Birds Sandwich and Salad

No wonder these birds are so angry. Unless they go cannibal, all they have to eat is some dusty old lettuce.

Bento Xbox

When you think of healthy, multifaceted meals, your mind probably doesn’t veer toward the Xbox. However, this rice-based controller gives every food group its chance in the spotlight.

Via technabob

Blue Slime Meat Bun

Who knew blue slimes, iconic enemies of the Dragon Quest series, were actually filled with meat?

Via Giant Bomb

Super Mash Bros. Bento

It’s kind of weird to see Pikachu hanging out with a bunch of meatballs. Yoshi makes sense. That dinosaur is a total hog, but Pikachu?! Let’s hope those balls of meat weren’t ground from a captured Miltank.

Via Serious Eats

Pac-Man Pizza

No, this doesn’t look entirely appetizing. This was placed here to make the point that all pizzas, no matter the place of origin or topping, sort of resemble Pac-Man. Which came first, the Pac or the pie?

Via Girls Are Geeks

Twenty-Sided Dice Lollipop

Modern role-playing games would not exist without the snack-fueled mayhem of Dungeons and Dragons. In honor of that feat, here is a lolly.

Via Geek Alerts

Creeper Crisped-Rice Treat

Minecraft is a happy-go-lucky crafting sim, until night falls. Then it becomes a fight for survival against these little buggers, Creepers. Now you can relive the terror in Rice Krispies-treat form.

Via YouTube

Bioshock Bento

Holy shnikey, is this plate of BioShock-themed grub cool. Now, if only science would create a real-life Pep Bar, then we’d be cooking with gas.


Zelda Fruit Salad

Wanna trick a slothful gamer into eating more fruits and veggies? Give this Zelda-riffic fruit salad a try.

Via ArtSpace

Mario Picnic

This Mario-themed picnic is so cool, even ants couldn’t ruin it. But maybe a princess-stealing giant lizard could.

Via Unreality Magazine

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