Season 1, Episode 3

Gas Station Gourmet

Sure, everyone's filled up on taquitos, hot dogs, pizza and slushies while fueling up, but these amazing restaurants serve up some of the best food anywhere and transport Jim to three different worlds of flavor -- in a gas station. In Franklin, N.C., Jim heads to Caffe Rel, a French bistro in a gas station where Jim finds masterfully executed classic dishes like Shrimp and Grits and Beef Tournedos. In Washington, D.C.'s Fast Gourmet, Jim chows down on some of the best Latin American sandwiches he's had anywhere, let alone a gas station. And in Miami, Fla., Jim heads to El Carajo, a Spanish Tapas and wine destination tucked in the back of a gas station and convenience store, not the place you'd expect to find gourmet seafood dishes and artfully presented empanadas.
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