Season 2, Episode 13

Corn Dogs, Cheesesteaks and Ice Cream Sandwiches

Brad Miller heads to Seattle, where Rob Killiam of Bread and Circuses is dishing out comfort food with a playful twist. Brad samples the Nacho Cheeseburger and the Pizza Supreme Corn Dog before heading across town to find the Peasant Food Manifesto truck, where owner Beth Clement is making comfort foods inspired by global cuisine. Brad tries her Kimchi Mac and Cheese as well as the Korean Cheesesteak. Finally, Brad heads to Hollywood for dessert at the Recess Ice Cream truck. Owner Jessica Lo Ibarra specializes in loaded ice cream sandwiches, and Brad tries a double chocolate cookie creation with chocolate ice cream and pieces of malted milk balls. Then he double dips with the French Toast Ice Cream Sandwich, which has blueberry cheesecake ice cream between battered and fried Texas toast.
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