Pork Fillet in Mead (Drunken Pig)

  • Yield: 6 servings
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1 large fillet of pork (pork tenderloin)

mead or mead wine

high-quality salted butter



crushed hazelnuts

crushed walnuts


  1. Use a seax, or knife, with a fine blade to slice pork into pieces as fat as your lip. Soak pork rounds in mead for as long as it takes to crush the nuts and make dry bread into crumbs - enough of each so that a combination will coat all the pork pieces. Mix breadcrumbs and crushed nuts together until the mixture tastes strongly of the nuts. Place honey in a flat bowl, covering it closely against flies. Drain pork pieces and spread each with honey and then quickly press it into the mix of bread crumbs and finely broken nuts. Let pork pieces rest while you warm a griddle over a hot stove or charcoal grill. 
  2. Fry pork quietly in melted butter until cooked through but be careful not to burn the meat, which is easy to do when it's coated with honey.