Chuck Heads to Mexico

By: Roberto Ferdman

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Chef Chuck Hughes is a busy guy. When he isn't juggling the successful restaurant Garde Manger in Montreal, he's cooking for family, friends and restaurant staff in his show, Chuck's Day Off.

But he's finally taking some vacation and headed down to Mexico. With an entire week to work with, he's really looking to spice things up!

From famous fish tacos and legendary pork sandwiches to deep-sea fishing and horseback-riding, Chuck's embarking on his biggest food adventure yet. Can he handle the heat?

Watch Chuck's Week Off: Mexico, tonight at 10:30pm ET on Cooking Channel.

Chuck goes fishing

Chuck gives "catch of the day" a whole new meaning when he reels in a massive marlin.

Chuck wearing Mexican lucha libre mask
Chuck, a Mexican wrestler? Watch him step into the ring.

See more photos of Chuck's Mexican travels in the Chuck's Week Off Highlights Gallery.

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